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Gang Rape Incident: TMC Criticizes Role Of Tripura Women Commission

The women’s organization of the Tripura Pradesh Trinamool Congress has come to the fore on the issue of violence against women.

Recently, several cases of crime against women in the state came in light. With these incidents party approached the Women’s Commission. 

Talking to the Chairperson of the State Women Commission, the leader of the Trinamool Women wing Panna Deb demanded to stop the violence against women. 

She said that incidents of rape and gang rape and murder of housewives are taking place in the state. Chairperson of Women’s Commission Barnali Goswami went to GBP Hospital after 32 hours of the incident to see the girl who was victim of gang rape. Moreover after this incident the women’s commission did not take any action for the victim’s batterment.

Panna Deb said that her organization has come to place deputation to find out why commission for women is not standing next to women and remaining silent.

She also warned that if the Commission For Women does not play an active role in the coming days, a larger movement will be formed.

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