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GBP Hospital’s X-Ray Machines Stopped Working: Patents Suffering

The three X-ray machines of the trauma center of the GBP Hospital in Agartala have stopped working leading to immense problems for patients. A long queue of patients could be seen waiting outside the X-ray centers now days. No one in the hospital was ready to answer the queries of the waiting patients as to when the X-ray machines would be restored. A source in the GBP Hospita l said the trauma center has three X-ray machines, two of which have been lying in a non-functional state for a long time. However, there is no promptness from the hospital authorities for repairing the machines. GBP Hospital superintendent Debashis Roy said he had no knowledge about the X-ray machines not working. “Staff in the trauma center have not informed me about any technical problems occurring in the X-ray machines,” said Roy.

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