Global Warming And The Double Standard

Concerns over the issue of global warming are not new. To solve this problem, conferences of experts, environmentalists and representatives of governments of different countries have been held at the global level, in which resolutions are passed to identify its causes and remove them. 

But the irony is that this problem is also deepening amidst increasing concern over the past several decades.

After all, what is the reason that every next year, new assessments are being made regarding the increase in temperature and signs of danger looming over the entire earth due to them, but till now nothing concrete seems to be happening towards its solution. 

It is noteworthy that on Thursday, the European Union’s ‘Copernicus Climate Change Service’ (CCCS) has said in a report that September this year has been the hottest month so far. 

In the first nine months of this year, the temperature of the entire world was 0.52 degrees Celsius above the average. 

The issue is not limited to months only. According to the report, the year 2023 is going to be recorded as the hottest year ever.

The question is that if there is updated information and reports of studies on this issue all over the world and its impact is being felt more and more clearly, then why is there no seriousness in solving this problem? 

It is also important to think about this because it is not a problem of the present times that one can suffer a little loss and wait for it to go away, rather it is going to affect the entire time to come and many generations will have to bear the brunt of it. May have to be lifted

However, its have already started having dangerous effects on the environment and common people. 

For example, according to the weather cycle, the heat usually starts to moderate to a great extent in the month of September. 

But if an organization like CCCS in its assessment is claiming not only the month of September but the entire year to be the hottest, then now there is an immediate need to pay attention to what has happened during the last several decades due to ‘Global Warming’ or the Earth’s warming.

Despite talking about identifying the causes of rising global temperature, what could be the consequences of negligence and ignoring the measures to solve it?

Amidst the threat of rising temperatures, there has been talk on the facts that instead of promoting clean energy, the climate is changing due to burning of fossil fuels and due to this, severe fluctuations in weather are being seen. 

In different countries, the nature of heat waves and cyclonic storms has started becoming more dangerous and their frequency has also increased.

Additionally, heavy rains have also led to an increase in the incidence of devastating floods and forest fires. 

The problem is that the rise in temperature is termed as dangerous and the suggested measures to solve it are agreed upon in international conferences, but no seriousness is shown regarding its implementation.

In particular, rich and developed countries rarely appear to be sufficiently sensitive about carbon dioxide emissions. Whereas the responsibility of reducing it is imposed on poor and developing countries. 

The question is, what is going to be achieved by concern based on such double standards? It needs to be kept in mind that due to such attitude, not only the present world is in danger, but it will also pose serious challenges to the coming generations.

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