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GMP Stop From Holding Street Corner By IPFT In Presence Of Police

The IPFT, partner in the alliance government didn’t allow the GMP to hold street corner even with the prior permission of the SDPO in compliance with the organizational decision. Incident took place at Mungiakami bazar under Mungiakami PS, Teliamura Subdivision. On Saturday at the Mungiakami Bazar, GMP wanted to organize a street corner and also took permission from Mungiakami PS. They also started the meeting in the community hall in presence of police. Suddenly a group of IPFT youth group from the eastern part of the market started marching with the flag of the IPFT party. The leaders called for a halt to the meeting. The IPFT’s flag- bearers had begun to show aggressive gestures. Police was unsuccessful to control the situation. Finally police requested GMP leaders to they come back canceling the meeting.

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