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Goons Demands Rs 50k Extortion. Police Silent. Victim Approached To The Court

Having lost faith on the police, a helpless woman approached the court demanding appropriate action against the anti-social elements.

The victim Sadhana Sarkar Das filed a case in the court.

 The daughter of Sadhana Sarkar Das, a resident of Ananda Nagar, was married on December 4.

 Before the marriage, some anti-social activists in the area demanded 50 thousand rupees from Sarkar Das.

 If she does not pay this money, then the girl’s marriage will be stopped by the threatened the goons.

 Sadhana Sarkar Das told them that she was marrying his daughter on loan. She cannot pay them that much money.

 In the meantime, on the morning of the wedding day, Sadhana Sarkar Das went to the market to buy fish and meat, and the miscreants tried to drag her to the forest.

Sadhana Sarkar Das was forced to approach the police. But she did not get any help from the police.

Finally on December 4, Sadhana Sarkar Das’s daughter got married.

 Sadhana Sarkar Das said that she approached the police and did not get any justice. So she approached the court demanding justice

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