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Government To Submit The Report Of Central Health Team In Tripura High Court By Sept 28

Central Health Team already submitted their final report. Team of medical experts comprising Dr Daisy Panna, Dr P.K.Verma and Dr Satyajit Sen who undertook an extensive visit to Tripura between September 10  and 18th, have submitted their final report in 6 pages. X-Ray, CT scan, Ventilator, BIPAP, Machines arrangement in GB covid care center are in their recommendation list. Maintaining of the Patients index, proper training of the health workers, shifting duty for the doctors and stuffs, waste management, oxygen plants in districts hospitals etc are also in their recommendations. The death register of GB Covid care center was found to be incomplete in the findings of central health team. Now government to submit details on thirteen other queries related to the disease by September 28 in tripura high court including this report of central health team.

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