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Govt Cross All Limits: Sudip Barman Over Lathi Charge On Job Aspirants

Congress strongly condemned the incident of police action on the STGT passed job aspirants. 

Speaking in a press conference MLA Sudip Roy Barman said

“Job aspirants had to go to the Education Minister’s residence and get beaten by the police. On this day, the young men and women who are hoping for jobs went there demanding recruitment . But the minister got into the car and asked the police to clear the road”

” After than the police thrash the job-seeking youths like this. It is as per government plan. The government is abusing its power. This government has crossed the last limit”

“The way in which the future of the state is being hammered by the state power is a complete violation of human rights. There needs to be an inquiry . Because they are taking the same huge money as the employees of the relevant departments. If this is not investigated, it would seem that human rights commission also on their knees like CBI, ED and Election Commission of Modi”

Mr. Burman also said that “the incident organized today is very sad. The state government is going to recruit BJP cadres as special executives in the state police. And it cannot be said that the government does not have money to hire teachers who are the future of the country and the state. Because these are directionless decisions of the government. Because it is becoming clear again and again that the government does not want to pay for education”. 

Sudip Roy Barman expressed the opinion that they are forcing the youth to get addicted to drugs. 

He also said that after the incident in the morning, no condolence has been seen from the minister. 

However, he expressed the opinion that it would be wrong to expect from this government. There are only two months left of election. The mass deity of the state will deliver them to the right place. And the officers who are doing this on the orders of the minister are being identified. People are aware of them. Our time will come. 

Sudip warned against the officers that legal action will be taken against such incidents. 

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