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Govt Must Know Electricity Is Not A Commodity But A Service: CITU Tripura

CITU Tripura organized a convention on Friday to protest the BJP government’s privatization of power and railway services. 

This convention is held at Muktadhara Auditorium Agartala. CITU State General Secretary Shankar Prasad Dutta, President Manik Dey and other leaders were present in this convention.

Speaking in the convention president Manik Dey said that:

“Daily life does not go on for a day without electricity. The government cannot avoid the responsibility for the current electricity service in the state. For this the electricity needs to be self sufficient. Because with the development of industry and agriculture electricity is involved”

Manik Dey said that the government should give importance to it. 

He also said that the current central government is choosing electricity as a commodity. But the government does not want to accept electricity as a service. They want to hand over the entire management to Adani, Ambani. 

He said that the electricity service is falling due to such policy of the government.

He also said that people should be made aware of who is responsible for the present condition of the electricity service.

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