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Govt Not Implements SC Order: Tripua Jute Mill Workers Filed Contempt Of Court Case

The Joint Movement Committee reiterated its demand to settle all dues of Tripua jute mill workers in compliance with Supreme Court and High Court judgments.

The Joint Movement Committee of TJML has already filed a contempt of court case against the government.

The case is scheduled for October 9 in the Tripura High Court.

On that day, the joint movement committee will gather at Litchu Bagan area near the High Court.

Eminent lawyers will inform the Jutmill workers, employees, pensioners and their family members about the historic judgments of the Supreme Court and the High Court.

Dhanamani Singh, convener of the Joint Movement Committee, said this.

Notably High Court ans Supreme Court ordered to clear all dues jute mill workers, employees from 1st January 1996 with all benefits and 6 percent interest.

But the government did not implement that order. The workers filed a contempt of court case. The case will come up in the Tripura High Court on October 9.

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