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Govt Not Paying Attention To The Issues Of The Working Class: CITU Tripura

An organizational meeting of the CITU Tripura State Committee was held on Sunday. CITU leadership from each division was present in the meeting. 

In this meeting, the current situation of the state and the condition of the workers were discussed.

Speaking in a press conference Shankar Prasad Dutta, general secretary of the state committee of the organization, said:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking decisions against public interest one after another.

As a result, as the country is being damaged on one side, people are being damaged on the other side.

 Gradually, the country is going into the hands of foreigners. As a result, it can be said that the freedom of the country is being endangered in the hands of this BJP-led government. 

A law has been passed in the Parliament a few days ago to hand over the country’s mineral resources to private players. 

There is no work for the people in the hills of the state, the condition of the village is dire and there is also lack of food. The government is not paying attention to these issues. 

The state government is not playing the role it is supposed to play on dengue. On the other hand, malaria is spreading in Langtrai Valley and Dhalai districts. But so far no role is noticed. Besides, the current situation of the farmers was also discussed.

He claimed that because the price of crops is not increasing. He also claimed in the press conference that the wages that the workers of REGA and TUEP are supposed to get are not matching. And getting 200 days of work is a far cry, not even 100 days of work like during the Left Front government period. This clearly shows that the government does not work in the interests of the poor people. 

As a result, the working class people are forced to leave the state. 

Therefore, CITU has decided to take a major program across the state in the month of August. 

The main objective of this program will be to raise the demands of the working class people. 

Shankar Prasad Dutta said that this government should think about the people of the working class. 

He said that to improve the electricity service, Conventions will be held district to district for non-privatisation and redressal of consumer grievances.

And besides this electricity service, the attention of the government will be drawn to improve the railway service, said the general secretary CITU Tripura. 

CITU State Committee President Manik Dey was also present in the press conference.

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