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Govt, TBSE Yet To Confirm Answer Sheet Evaluation Venue

Tripura Board of Secondary Education and state government yet to confirm the venue for evaluation of answer sheets of the just concludd TBSE class 10, 12 Board Examinations.

Traditionally the answer sheet evaluation held in various schools in Agartala. But there is some ambiguity about Venue. Because the schools will be open when the answer sheet evaluation starts in April. 7 to 8 school buildings has to be engaged in the answer sheets evaluation.

In this situation, schools have to close for about 20 days. To solve this problem, the TBSC authorities met with the Chief Minister and Education Minister recently. 

The Chief Minister offered to visit alternate Venue. Accordingly, the indoor room of the international fair ground at Hapania was visited. 

TBSC said that if the entire rent is waived, it will be possible to finalize the venue of Hapania. 

But there are more problems with this venue. There is no benches in Hapania indoor hall. Either benches have to bring from schools or have to arrange plastic chair- tables for the teachers involved in the evaluation process. Naturally it is a matter of extra expenditure.

Moreover according to the TBS officials it is more helpful for the management of evaluated answer sheets in school benches as it it become traditional.

Now if the Hapania venue selected than the traditional process will be changed. There are no separate room also for answer sheet evaluation in Hapania.

But as the Hapania International Trade Fair Ground complex is a large area, there woll be no problem of accommodation for the teachers and staff involved in the evaluation process.

However neither government nor the TBSE yet to take the decision as last report came in.

The list of examiners is also yet to be published.  Now an examiner have to evaluate at least 18 answer sheet in a day. The evaluation of answer sheets will start from the fourth week of April or first week of May.

Notably this year near about 33,500 candidates appeared in the HS examinations where 43000 candidates appeared in the Secondary examinations conducted by TBSE.

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