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Govt Telling Lie Regarding Job Given In 5 Years: DYFI Tripura

Youth wing of CPIM, DYFI Tripura State Secretary Nabarun Dev called the government a fraud by highlighting the statistics regarding job data in a press conference at Chhatra Yuva Bhavan, the headquarters of the organization on Saturday. 

Speaking in the press conference he said:

“For five long years, the present cabinet members have been cheating the youth of the state. On December 29, Information Minister held a press conference in Civil Secretariat and told that in the last five years, the state finance department has approved 41 thousand 949 vacancies. But the information presented by the minister is completely wrong. The minister told that out of 41,949 posts, 17 thousand 687 are regular, 1329 are die harness, 8013 are contactual, 5879 are outsourcing. The sum total is 32 thousand 908 people. So he is lying about the approval to fill the vacant posts of 41 thousand 949 people. He also fraudulently said that there were 24 thousand 33 jobs in the state”

“But among these it has been seen that employment under ICA is for one year, contactor recruitment for 11 months in health department, similarly in case of electricity corporation recruitment is through contractor. Therefore, the government is making a big bluff that 24 thousand 33 people have been appointed because DYFI can challenge that among them 12000 are not regular employees. They are including the employees appointed through contractors and the employees appointed in various departments for a certain period”

“These statistics have made it clear that the state government is cheating the youth with its recruitment policy. So DYFI and TYF can challenge and say that out of these 24 thousand 33 people less than 12 thousand have government jobs. All the rest are appointed for fixed term through contractors”

“After two or three months, they have to go and stage dharna at the contractor’s house. In this government, the cabinet members have started into a contest of telling lies.  Despite having a large number of vacancies, the government is not taking initiatives to fill them”

 DYFI state president Palash Bhowmik said Tripura is among the top five states in terms of unemployment in the country. The unemployment rate at the national level is 8.7 percent, while the unemployment rate in Tripura is 14.5 percent. 

He said that the Tripura model has been developed in the whole country towards unemployment

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