Govt’s Focus Is Only On 2-3 Billionaires: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is in Karnataka on a two-day election visit. Addressing a public meeting in Hangal on the Monday evening, Rahul said – The Bharatiya Janata Party MLA says that the Chief Minister’s post can be bought for Rs 2500 crore. This means the cost of your future according to BJP is Rs 2500 crores. They (BJP) like the number 40. This time you people will give them 40 seats.

Rahul said in the middle of the public meeting – When the Prime Minister talks about corruption, then 40% leaders of Karnataka stand on his stage. Modi ji used to say that he fights corruption, but those who are not corrupt are being thrown out of the party. It means you fight against corruption.

Rahul addressed the rally in Ramdurg earlier on Monday. Rahul said- Nowadays the government’s focus is only on 2-3 billionaires, whereas it should be on farmers, laborers and small vendors. Billionaires get loan easily from the bank and if something happens, it is forgiven easily but the loan of the farmers is never forgiven.

“GST has been implemented in the country only to help the rich. There are five different types of taxes in this. This is a very difficult tax structure. Half the people don’t even understand when and how they have to file it. Big businessmen have accountants, while small businessmen do not. So, small businesses shut down. When our government comes to Delhi, we will change this GST. There will be one tax and minimum tax.” he said.

Earlier, Rahul also interacted with the youth in Gadag. Where he said that he will fulfill all his promises after coming to the government. After reaching Karnataka on Sunday, Rahul attended the birth anniversary celebrations of social reformer Basavanna in Hubli. and worshiped at Sangamnath Temple and Ekya Linga Temple.

Earlier, Rahul reached Hubballi on Sunday. From where he went to Bagalkot. During this, Kudal attended the Sangam on the birth anniversary of 12th century poet and social reformer Basaveshwara. 

After this ceremony, Rahul did a road show for public relations in Vijayapura and addressed the people present there.

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