Hate Speech: Politicians Yet To Took Seriously Even Supreme Court 

Taking a strict stance on hate statements, the Supreme Court has given instructions to stop it on several occasions, but it is clear that the politicians never took it seriously. 

Now perhaps it is not considered necessary to maintain the decorum of language on public platforms. 

As a result of this, the language of the streets reached the Parliament. Ramesh Bidhuri, BJP MP from South Delhi, used derogatory and indecent words about his own colleague in Parliament, a BSP MP, like never before. 

Naturally the opposition parties are attacking the government regarding this.

That part of Bidhuri’s speech is being circulated widely and after watching and listening to it, it is clear that he does not feel any difference between the debate going on on the floor of Parliament and on the street corner of the locality. 

Parliament has its own dignity, it has its own rules and regulations. Even the language of Parliament is fixed. There are many prohibited words. No such word can be used there, which has been declared unparliamentary. That’s why MPs come there prepared in advance to speak. It cannot be assumed that Bidhuri is unaware of this.

The government called a special session of the Parliament and entered the new Parliament building with the resolve that the dignity of democracy would be further strengthened in it, but it is strange that such objectionable conduct of Bidhuri came to light in the same session. 

The Speaker of the Lok Sabha warned him that if such conduct is seen next time, strict action will be taken. 

When the opposition parties created a ruckus, the party president issued a show cause notice to them and asked them to reply within fifteen days.

But the opposition parties argue that even when leaders of other parties commit minor lapses in the House, they are suspended from Parliament and Bidhuri abused a fellow MP on the floor of the House, yet why is any action taken against him? It is not being done. Why was he let off with a warning? 

The opposition is demanding termination of his membership. In this way, the role of the Speaker of the Lok Sabha is also beginning to be questioned.

But BJP is facing the most disgrace. Actually, this is not the first time that a BJP leader has used such objectionable words for people of a particular community. 

Some MPs and many leaders have been seen and heard giving such hate speeches from the platforms of packed meetings. 

People have been seen openly instigating violent behavior towards a particular community and shutting down their businesses. 

The Supreme Court has given strict instructions to the party and the government regarding them. 

But such hate speeches are not stopping, hence the opposition has once again got an opportunity to repeat the allegation that BJP tries to take political advantage by creating an atmosphere of hatred towards a particular community.

Now that the language of hatred has reached the Parliament, naturally the demand for strict disciplinary action against such representatives and leaders has started rising from the party. 

When the politicians themselves are not able to maintain restraint and decorum in their language, then who will take the responsibility of teaching them this etiquette?

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