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Have To Fight Unitedly Against BJP: CPIM Tripura Secretary In Agartala Rally

“Jishnu Debbarma crippled the state’s education and health systems during his five-year tenure as finance minister. Due to which the Bharatiya Janata Party had to come down with 40 percent votes. People of the state taught them a lesson” 

CPIM Tripura state Secretary Jitendra Choudhury said this while placing a mass deputation to the Chief Minister. 

Gana Mukti Parishad, Tripura Khet Mazdoor Union and Sara Bharat Kisan Sabha Tripura State Committee organized a Bidhan Sabha Abhiyan from the Rabindra Bhavan on Wednesday. 

Polit Bureau member Manik Sarkar, CPIM party leader Jitendra Choudhury and other leaders were present in the mass deputation rally.

The police stopped the rally as it reached the capital’s North Gate area after passing through various roads of the city. A road meeting was organized there. 

CPIM state Secretary Jitendra Choudhury attacked the government saying that the holy assembly has raised to increase REGA wages, to help farmers with seeds and fertilisers. School is not running in TTAADC, death is going on. There is no work, people have to starve. The speaker of the assembly then ordered the microphones of the opposition benches to be switched off. This is the character of Bharatiya Janata Party said Jitendra Chowdhury. 

He also said that during the Left Front government, despite not getting enough money from the centre, the then government , tried to provide facilities to the people by giving priority to health agriculture and education. And by good governance a developmental government was running in the state. But the government that has been established at present continues to exploit human resources.

The people of the state know how the state of Tripura has been destroyed in the last six years. The BJP came to power in the last assembly election due to the division of opposition votes in a secret collusion of a political party. This BJP is run under the direction of RSS. RSS is the one who stabbed India’s freedom movement. And brokered the British. It would be a mistake to expect progress and development from a BJP government led by RSSS. Because this is reflected in the behavior of the government.

 Criticizing this government, Jitendra Choudhury also said that on Wednesday in the Legislative Assembly, a MLA from Tipra Motha asked the Chief Minister how many schools in the state were being managed by a single teacher. To this the Chief Minister said there is not a single school which is being run by a teacher. Then the MLA Shambhulal Chakma in the ruling party said that 17 primary and SB schools in his area are being run by one teacher. Then the former education minister replied that it is in the TTAADC area. So the question, is ADC outside the state of Tripura? 

Jitendra Choudhury claimed that this is the view of the BJP and IPFT government. He also called for fight unitedly against BJP to remove it from the power.

Later a mass deputation was presented to the Chief Minister with 15 points of demand including job and food. 

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