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Video of a teacher getting a child thrashed by classmates in a private school located in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh , can disturb anyone. 

If a child is punished in class for not doing homework, it raises serious questions on the current status of our education system. 

The concerned teacher has said that the video has been tampered with, but accepting her explanation as truth does not reduce the seriousness of the incident. 

After the video went viral, the state administration and education department have taken action in this matter. 

Not only has a case been registered against the teacher, but a notice has also been issued to the school management asking why the recognition of the school should not be cancelled.

The occurrence of such a case makes it clear that there are some basic problems in our society today, which have to be removed. 

This mess is not limited to any one teacher or any particular school. Whether the victim’s child belonging to a minority community was the deciding factor in the Muzaffarnagar incident, but the kind of things the teacher is seen saying in the video, if true, does reveal her bias.

Certainly, while teaching children, these and other such prejudices must have come out which would have a negative impact on the personality and thinking of the children. An important aspect is that this video came on social media and went on spreading. 

Surely it shocked people’s sensibilities, only then it went viral, but in this sequence it did not make people feel unbelievable. 

Everyone condemned, but no one realized that this cannot happen in today’s India. 

Even though it has been written in the law and in the guidelines issued by the education department that children cannot be beaten in school, in practice it is considered easy and natural to do so, it is also clear from this explanation of that teacher that I am a Divyang so I had to get the other kids to beat him up.

The notice issued by the Education Department and the case registered against that teacher must be taken to its logical conclusion, but it is also important to remember that this will not serve the purpose of improving the condition of education and creating awareness among teachers. 

Nor will it help in reducing the growing distance between different sections and communities in the society. 

There is a need to work on these fronts separately and over a long period of time.

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