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Health Director Visits IGM Hospital After Death Of Patent Due To Excesses Of Security Guards

The health director expressed concern over the death of a patient in IGM Hospital due to the excesses of private security guards.

He rushed to IGM Hospital on Sunday. accepted the mismanagement in the face of anger of patients and their relatives .

Finally, he announced the cancellation of the private security agency in charge of IGM Hospital.

There is no adequate doctor as per need in the hospital. An important state refferal hospital like IGM is running with few health workers. The whole system is in trouble. The director health service Suprio Mallik was also forced to accept this. He also promised to take some measures.

Hospitals in the state are going through anarchy. According to the report private security personnel have been accused of being technical staff or skilled health workers.

On Saturday a patent died allegedly due to excesses of private security guards. He was not allowed to go to the emergency doctor.

According to the victims patients and relatives of patients are facing inhumanity in the main hospitals. Most of the time the security guards are harassing the patient’s relatives by going beyond their rights without fulfilling their duties. And due to the one-sided autocratic behavior of the private security guards, the situation becoming critical.

In this case, the responsibility is of government and health department. The same way the security forces will carry out emergency patients who are on their way to the doctor along the line, as they are directed by hospital. Question raising on the word emergency and its service.

In that case, some rules have to be learned. Hospitals do not have the same rules as military barracks.

The doctors themselves have raised the question of why there will not be a casualty block in IGM Hospital to the emergency doctor.

The main issue is the development of health infrastructure.

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