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Heat Wave In Tripura: Govt Directs DMs To Maintain Emergency Services

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Amid heat wave in the state Government of Tripura alerts its administration for all possible critical situation.

State government already directs to all the District Magistrates to maintain emergency services.

Disaster Management Unit under Department of revenue of the state government directs all the eight DMs of the state to keep active the centers belongs to the emergency services, quick response team and agency.

Apart from this it has been directed to continue the electricity service in this scroching summer.

Government also directed the DMs to do awareness campaign among common public regarding the difficulties, problems which can affect the skin and body due to heat wave and their solutions.

Meanwhile the public life of the state is under intense pressure. There is a growing tendency among everyone to drink canned water, watermelon and other fruits and cold drinks to get some relief from the severity of heartburn. 

To get relief from the heat and to keep the body hydrate, the demand for coconut water is high. Demand is greater than supply.

As a result, an artificial crisis has arisen In this situation. Traders have increased the price of coconut Rs 50 to Rs 100.

Even so, to get relief from the heat, customers are also buying coconut at the price of Rs 100.

The demand for watermelon and other fruits along with sugarcane juice has also increased several times.

Coconut and fruit sellers are also struggling to meet the demand. Almost everywhere in the state, including the capital city of Agartala, people are trying to drink coconut water along with sugarcane juice to escape the intense heat. 

Doctors are also suggesting to drink bottled water and fruit juice in this severe heat.

According to the Meteorological Department, there is a possibility that the mercury will rise more in the next few days. There is no relief until it rains. 

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