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Heatwave In Tripura: CM To Hold Review Meeting With Education Department

According to the calendar, Summer is underway and the heatwave has started across the state of Tripura.  

According to the information provided by the Meteorological Department, the maximum temperature mercury has already reached 39 degrees Celsius. But it’s feeling like 43 degrees Celsius.

The forecast says that the temperature mercury is gradually rising. In the next few days it will increase and to touch the 40 degrees Celsius.

Due to some cloud in the sky the temperature is still under 40 degree Celsius mark.

Due to intense heat of the sun and lack of rain, the heat has made common people miserable. If it doesn’t rain in between, the situation will worsen.  

In this situation, the Meteorological Department is not able to give any hope. There is no prospect of rain in Tripura state till next Wednesday, said the weather forecast. 

In this situation, it will become difficult for people to stay even at home now days.

Due to the heat, the streets become empty at 10 am. Common people do not want to leave the house without necessity. 

Even though the common man is miserable in this heat, the cold drink, sharbat and coconut sellers are happy. Because these cold drinks are their only hope to escape from the heat. 

Vendors are sitting on the pavements in different parts of the capital Agartala with coconut. Starting from a minimum of 40 rupees to 60 or even 80 rupees, a single coconut is being sold.  

Due to intense heat, the tendency of sunstroke increases a lot, so in this situation expert doctors advise to avoid crowding as much as possible.

” if you have to leave the house in an emergency, you must keep an umbrella and a water bottle with you. Drink enough water” said Dr Sushanta Saha from Agartala talking with The Tripura Post.

Meanwhile according to the report Chief Minister of the state is going to hold a high level meeting with the officials of the Education Department. Officials of the IMD also to be there in the meeting.

CM to review the the heatwave condition of the state.

As per the information coming in Summer Vacation of the schools may be declared before schedule due to Heatwave condition.

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