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Held At Knife-Point, Passenger Robbed On Bagma Road, Udaipur

Incident of robbery on road took place on the evening of the Laxmi Puja festival on Saturday in Shall Bagan area of Bagma under Gomati District of Tripura.

According to the report robbers stopped a car, in the middle of the forest road, drag out the passenger and robbed his mobile phone, cash and gold ornaments showing the threat of sharp weapons.

A complaint has been filed with the police station in this incident.

It is known that young Bishal Dey of Bagma area works in a shopping mall in Udaipur city. As a result, he leaves home every morning and returns home nine o’clock at night.

Like other days, on Saturday too around 9 pm, he was waiting in front of Netaji Subhash bridge Chanban, udaipur for car to return home.

At that time, a white Alto car stopped in front of him. He got into the car to go home.

Allegedly, the vehicle drove smoothly in the populated area but stopped the vehicle on the side of the national highway surrounded by deep forests after crossing the Tepania Eco park.

Five men in the car grabbed the young man’s throat with sharp weapons and took away his mobile phone, cash and gold chain from his neck.

The young man was beaten and left on the side of the road .

Later another car rescued the helpless youth and took him to the Bagma police outpost police station.

Later, the young man was handed over to his family from the police station.

It is to be noted that a few years ago several robberies occurred in Shalbagan area on the way from Bagma to Tepania.

There waa also an incident where a tribal housewife was raped on the side of the road while returning home from the fair with her husband at night.

The common people traveling on the national highway are once again terrified.

Demands are being raised that police security should be arranged in the Shalbagan area in the dark of night.

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