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High Onion Price: Officials Visits Local Market In Agartala

In the last two days, price ofonions have increased by a leap to more than twenty rupees per kg in Agartala. Onion is one of the daily essential materials. A jump of Rs 20 can be considered as a big shock for the middle class and poor people.

 Meanwhile, on Friday morning, the representatives of Sadar Sub-Division Administration and Food Department went to Maharajganj market to raid. 

They checked the wholesale and retail prices and faced the media and said, heavy rains in Nashik have destroyed large quantities of onions. As a result, the price has increased slightly. This has affected the state market. The price of wholesale onion has been observed Rs 36 per kg . And retail price of onion is Rs 38 to 40 . 

But the real value of the market is total different from the statement of the administrative delegation. 

Onions are being sold in the market at the price of Rs 45 to Rs 50. Onion is being sold at Rs 50 in the market and shops of the city. 

According to the buyers, if the price of onion increases in the market, it may increase by Rs 10-12 . But the sudden increase in price by 20 rupees has caused a tension among the people. 

On this day, it can be noticed that some unscrupulous traders ran away from the shop after receiving the news of the administration’s operation. 

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