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High Price Of Rice: Officials Raids In Agartala Market. ‘Not Sufficient’ Said People

Poor even common people of Tripura are very much worried about the rising price of rice in the open market. 

Suddenly, the price of locally produced rice has increased uncontrollably. 

In addition, the price of imported rice has also increased significantly in the last two months. 

Common people also complaining that there is extreme gamble in price in the open market with locally produced rice. 

That is why the price of rice is increasing every day. Even though the price of rice has been increasing uncontrollably for the last two months, there is no monitoring by the state government. 

After the detailed news was published in media , the administration become active. 

On Wednesday, a team of the administration conducted a raid in Chaal Patti of Maharajganja Bazar in Agartala.

Irregularities has been found in a shop and the shop has been closed. 

Besides, the administration ordered another shop to stop selling due to price irregularities.

Officials of the Food Department said that such operations will continue.

But according to common people such visit is not sufficient to bring down the high price of rice. Government have to take concrete steps to control it.

“Such raid or visit is not sufficient as after the raid businessmen once again starts such things. Government have to take fruitful steps including talk with the businesses community to bring down the high price of rice” said Sushil Dhar, a pensioner from Agartala.

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