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Highest In The Country: Suicide Increasing In Tripura- Govt Data

Suicidal case increases in Tripura. In response to journalists’ questions, the state secretary of the Indian Psychiatric Society Dr. Priyabrata Chakma expressed concern that the trend of suicide is increasing drastically in the small state of Tripura.

According to the latest published report of the National Crime Records Bureau of the Government of India, the suicide rate in the country is now 12.70 percent.

According to the report of WHO, India is now ranked 38th in the world. Seven lakh people die by suicide every year in the world. One person commits suicide every forty seconds in the world.

But the most worry thing is that the incidence and trend of suicide in the country is highest in the two North Eastern states.

The states are Sikkim and Tripura. In the 2023 report, the suicide rate was 42.5 percent in Sikkim and 20.9 percent in Tripura.

Sikkim ranks first in the country in terms of suicide. Tripura is at number six. Second Chhattisgarh 26.4 percent, third Kerala 24 percent, fourth Tamil Nadu 22.2 percent, fifth Telangana 21.5 percent. Bihar has the lowest suicide rate in the country at 0.7 percent.

Among the Union Territories, Andaman and Nicobar has the highest suicide rate, 45 percent, the lowest in Jammu and Kashmir at 2.2 percent.

Dr Chakma expressed concern and said that the incidence and trend of suicide has increased in Tripura. At present the suicide rate in Tripura is around 39 percent. He said that the tendency and incidents of suicide are increasing due to various reasons. At this time of competition, people’s mental stress is increasing due to various reasons. That is why suicides are happening. This trend is most noticeable among the youth.

The data cited in the report shows that 25.6 percent of suicides are due to family problems, 20.8 percent due to illness, 26.5 percent due to other reasons and 15 percent due to no reason.

It is possible to prevent suicidal tendencies if everyone makes a concerted effort.

He claimed that awareness on a large scale is necessary for this.

The most surprising thing is that even though the number of suicide in the state is increasing day by day, there is no active step seen by the government in this matter.

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