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Highlights Of 100th Episode Of PM’s Mann Ki Baat

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday interacted with people in a special way in the 100th episode of his program ‘Mann Ki Baat’. 

This special episode was broadcast from India to London and America. Crores of people became a part of PM Modi’s Mann Ki Baat programme. 

During this, the Prime Minister mentioned from former US President Barack Obama to Manzoor of Kashmir and Sunil Jaglan of Haryana. Talked from environment to save daughter, educate daughter and till Amritkal.

 Said, ‘Many mass movements started through this program. People liked it very much. The Prime Minister also spoke about the journey of ‘Mann Ki Baat’. 


‘On October 3, 2014, it was the festival of Vijaya Dashami and we all together started the journey of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on the day of Vijaya Dashami. Vijaya Dashami i.e., the festival of victory of good over evil, ‘Mann Ki Baat’ has also become a unique festival of positivity of the goodness of the countrymen. 

One such festival, which comes every month, for which we all wait. We celebrate the positivity in this. We also celebrate people’s participation in it. Sometimes it is hard to believe that so many months and so many years have passed since ‘Mann Ki Baat’. Every episode was special in itself.

Today is the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat. I have received thousands of letters and messages from all of you. Tried to read and see as many things as possible. Try to understand the messages. Many times got emotional while reading the letter, got carried away in emotions and handled it. On the 100th episode, I say with all my heart that you congratulated, all of you listeners are eligible.

‘When I talked about Mann Ki Baat with the then US President Barack Obama, it was discussed in the world. Mann Ki Baat is an opportunity for me to worship the qualities of others. My guide was Laxman Rao, he used to say that we should worship the qualities of others. This thing of his inspires me. This program has become an inspiration to learn from others. It never let me go away from you.

When I was the CM of Gujarat, I used to meet people in general. After coming to Delhi in 2014, I found that the nature of life and work here is different. Security frills, time limit everything is different. In the initial days, I used to feel empty. Had not left home 50 years ago because he would not be able to contact his own countrymen. Countrymen are everything and could not stay cut off from them. Mann Ki Baat gave me a chance. Office and protocol remained limited to arrangements. Janbhav has become an integral part of me.

‘ Many movements were started through ‘Mann Ki Baat’. The topic with which ‘Mann Ki Baat’ became a mass movement. The mission to re-establish the toy industry started with Mann Ki Baat itself. 

The beginning of raising awareness about our Indian dog (native dog) also started with Mann Ki Baat. Along with this, a campaign was also started not to quarrel with poor and small shopkeepers. Every such effort has become the cause of change in the society. 

‘I always say that before going on tour abroad, we should visit our country’s tourism places. Similarly, we have talked about clean Siachen, single use plastic and e-waste. 

The efforts of Mann Ki Baat are also going on regarding the environment for which the world is so worried today. I have also received the statement of the DG of UNESCO. He has congratulated on the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat and has also sent a message. 

‘The history of India and UNESCO is very old. UNESCO is working on education. By 2030, we want to provide quality education everywhere. We also want to save the culture. Can you tell India’s role in this? It is a pleasure talking to you. You have asked a question on education and cultural preservation. Both these topics have been favorite topics of Mann Ki Baat. 

There have been efforts like the National Education Policy or the option of studying in the regional language. Started Gunotsav and Shala Pravesh Utsav in Gujarat.

‘In Mann Ki Baat, we highlighted the efforts of the people. Once we talked about the late D Prakash Rao, a tea vendor in Odisha who used to teach poor children. We gave examples of Sanjay Kashyap, Hemlata ji of Jharkhand. Efforts for cultural preservation were also given place. Club of Lakshadweep, Kala Chetna Manch of Karnataka… Examples were sent to me from every corner of the country. Started competitions of songs, lullabies and rangoli on patriotism. I also talked about story telling. 

This year we are presiding over the G-20. This is the reason why efforts have intensified to enrich the diverse global culture with education.

‘Every month I see the culmination of the sacrifice of the countrymen. I do not feel that I am even a little far away from you. It has become a spiritual journey for me. It’s not me, it’s your rituals. Imagine that a countryman has been planting trees on an uninhabited land for 40-40 years. Someone has been building a step well for water conservation for 30 years. Someone is teaching poor children. Someone is helping in the treatment of the poor. 

Many times I got emotional while mentioning him in Mann Ki Baat. AIR colleagues had to re-record it.

‘Janbhav, along with crores of people, my feelings became a part of the inexhaustible world. Every month I read thousands of messages from people. I feel the feelings of the countrymen. I don’t even feel that I am far away from you. Mann Ki Baat is not a program for me. For me it is faith, worship and fasting. 

As people go to worship God, they bring Prasad. Your messages in Mann Ki Baat are like Prasad for me. For me, Mann Ki Baat has become a spiritual journey. It is a journey from ego to self. 

‘It has been said in the Upanishads – keep going, keep going, keep going. Today we are completing the 100th episode of Mann Ki Baat with the same charaiveti spirit. Mann Ki Baat is like a thread in a rosary in strengthening the social fabric of India. In every episode, the service and strength of the countrymen has inspired. In a way, every episode of Mann Ki Baat sets the stage for the next episode. 

This program has always moved ahead with the spirit of goodwill and service.The beginning of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ is also becoming a new tradition in the country. Such a tradition, in which the spirit of everyone’s effort is visible. Thanks also to the colleagues of All India Radio, who record it with patience, translators who translate in different languages, Doordarshan and My Village, electronic channels. I also thank those who are handling Mann Ki Baat. People of India and people who believe in India. 

This is possible with your inspiration.’Today both time and words are falling short, I am sure you will understand my feelings and emotions. I have been with you as a member of your family, have been among you and will be among you. See you again next month.

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