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Hijab Controversy: Student Beaten, Vandalism In Bishalgarh School

Extreme tension erupted on Friday in Karimura HS school under Bishalgarh Subdivision Sepahijala District of Tripura over the hijab controversy. 

Within minutes the situation turned into a battlefield. Vandalism organized in the school. Police and paramilitary forces were deployed. A school student has been injured. His name is Alia Sarkar Suman.

According to the report the head master of the school has been asking the girls of class 10 not to come to school wearing hijab for quite some time. He even told them that they will be expelled from the school if they come to school wearing hijab. On top of that, some outsider youths have been entering the school for the last few days and threatening the school girls not to wear hijab. 

Similarly, on Friday also, four outsiders entered the school and threatened the schoolgirls about wearing hijab. 

Then a tenth class student Alia Sarkar Suman of the school protested them. It is alleged that the outsider youths dragged the student out of the school and beat him severely. 

The headmaster of the school witnessed the whole incident. But he allegedly played a silent role. After this news reached the parents, the parents rushed to the school. Tension started in the school.

The furniture in the teachers’ rooms of the school was vandalized. Seeing the situation, the headmaster of the school escaped . The police rushed to the spot after receiving information. When the police tried to bring the situation under control, the parents holds the road blockade. 

Later on, the road blockade was withdrawn after the intervention of the police. Meanwhile, the fire brigade personnel took the injured student to the hospital. 

Students of the school raised questions over the role of the school headmaster. They also said that while the student was being beaten, the teacher did not come to save him despite witnessing everything. 

Meanwhile, a parent complained that some outsider youths entered the school and told girls that hijab cannot be allowed. Then the teacher called the students to the staff room and told them not to come to school wearing hijab. Then when the students protested about this issue, the school teachers called the parents on Friday. But before the parents came to the school that day, the incident happened. 

A teacher of the school said that the government has fixed the clothes for the students of the school. So students need to wear school clothes.

 However, the students were not told by any teacher that they cannot wear hijab in school. 

Such incident is rare in the state of Tripura. Such incidents happen especially in other states of the country. 

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