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Hilsa Fish In Subsidized Rate On Bengali New Year In Tripura

The fishery department of Tripura government has taken initiative to provide hilsa at subsidized price centering the Bengali New Year. 

The Fishery Department of Tripura has arranged for the sale of hilsa at subsidized prices in 15 marketing centers during Bengali New Year in the state. 

Fishery Department Minister Sudhanshu Das said that this arrangement has been made for the purpose of making Hilsa readily available to the public in the Bengali New Year. Because, no other fish is more popular than Hilsa to Bengalis.

According to him, every year during the Bengali New Year and Vijaya Dashami, the market price of hilsa increase . As a result, the high price of hilsa prevents many people from getting a taste of this fish. Therefore, the government has thought to bring Hilsa within the reach of the people in the auspicious moment of New Year.

 He said, marketing center will be opened in Maharajganja Bazar under Tripura Apex Fisheries Cooperative Society Limited. Everyone can buy hilsa there at a subsidized price. 

He added that 15 more marketing centers where hilsa is available in other parts of Tripura will be opened. Hilsa will be available at a subsidized price there also.

Generally, hilsa of padma is selling at Rs1500 to Rs 1800 per kg in Tripura. Common people can buy hilsa at the price of Rs 1070 per kg in that marketing centers. Besides, two other types of hilsa of low weight will be available at Rs 870 and Rs 770 per kg. 

The Tripura government will give a subsidy of Rs 500 per kg of hilsa in these marketing centers. 

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