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Huge Agarwood Tree ‘Stolen’ From Govt Office Premises In Dharmanagar

Thieves cut down a huge agarwood tree from inside the boundary of Premtala office complex of Kadamtala Fire Service Office under North Tripura district.

The incident happened on the night of September 14.

Although attempts were made to cover up the incident, the in-charge Umesh Prasad Chowdhury was forced to make a written GD entry at the Churaibari police station two days after the incident.

It is also noteworthy that the local people complain that the police have not done anything about the investigation of this theft.

Firemen Tarun Dutta, Anwar Hossain, Ratan Kumar Sinha, Bikash Roy and Jagar Sinha were on duty in the office on the night of 14th.

The question has been raised as to how this huge agarwood was stolen from behind the office despite so many firemen being on duty at night.

Besides, there is sentry duty.

Local people alleged that agarwood was not stolen. The plant was sold and later reported in the area as a case of theft.

How the tree of great value was stolen from the government place. Especially where there were staff on duty. Locals have demanded a proper investigation of the incident and sought the intervention of the Minister of Fire service Department and the Chief Minister.

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