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Huge Gathering Excepted For Durga Puja Curnival In Agartala. Vehicle Movement Restricted

Mayer Gaman-2023 i.e. Carnival to be held in Agartala on Thursday, October 26. Every year, the city of Agartala comes to a standstill centering the carnival. Traffic management is in shambles. Common pedestrians suffer everywhere . It takes long time to reach the destination by road.

This time the carnival is going to be held two days after Dasami. The excitement surrounding the carnival is already being noticed among the vast majority of people.

The event phase of the carnival will start from the area adjacent to the city center of the capital agartala shortly .

Thousands of visitors will stand on both sides of the main life line of the state from the afternoon to say goodbye to the mother. The traffic administration has already issued a statement to ensure that the city is not blocked.

Several roads have been closed for the carnival. The statement mentions which roads emergency services vehicles can travel on and which roads can be used for car parking. It has been informed by the administration that the movement of passenger and cargo vehicles will be stopped from Kaman Choumhani to Dasmighat from 2 pm on this day. And there will be no entry at Gandhighat, Nagerjla, Battala, Dasmi Ghat, Jaipur, Jayanagar, Fire Service Chowmuhani, IGM Chowmuhani, Birendra Club Junction, RMS Chowmuhani, Madhyapara Road, Orient Chowmuhani, Jackson Gate, Maharajganj Bazar, Netaji Chowmuhani and Lalmatia Cossing.

. Roads open for emergency services are Hampania- AD Nagar- Flyover – IGM- TRTC- BK Chowmuhany- Col Chowmuhany- Haradhan Sangh- North Gate- GBP Hospital and ILS Hospital Road.

 Emergency services and rail passengers and air passengers must travel by road using adequate credentials, air tickets and rail tickets in vehicles.

The roads designated for parking are City Center for VVIP and Ravindra Pally Quarter Complex, Office Vehicle Parking Zoned Office Lane Box Culbert, General Public Parking Zoned IGM Chowmuhani, RMS Chowmuhani, Jackson Gate Box Culvert, Battala TRTC Complex, from Pillar No. 38 to Pillar No. 42 under fly over. Gandhighat to Ramakrishna Mission, Gangail Road. Police car parking space has been arranged in Umakanta school ground.

It is asked to be used for desecration of idols in case of North Zone Radhanagar-North Gate-Mora Chowmuhani- B.K Road- Women College Road- Laxminarayan Bari Road- Kaman Chowmuhani – Hari Ganga Basak Road – Post Office Chowmuhani – City Center – Battala – Dasmighat Area .

Ashram Chowmuhani for East Zone – Ashram Chowmohani – Old Motor Stand – Dashmighat. Durga Chowmohani – Shankar Chowmuhani – Bijay Kumar Chowmuhani – Dasmighat for West Zone.

For South Zone AD Nagar- Nagerjla, Battala- Fire Service Chowmuhani – IGM Chowmuhani – RMS Chowmuhani – Jackson Gate – Kaman Chowmuhani – Dasmighat.

However, how much the road map made by the administration can keep the traffic normal is now a big question. 

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