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Ideological Struggle Should Be Priority: Manik Sarkar In TGTA Program

“Ideological struggle should come first” veteran CPIM leader and leader of the opposition Manik Sarkar said this in the TGTA Program.

On Sunday speaking in a program of unveiling of a book by Tripura Government Teachers Association TGTA (HGB Road) at Agartala Press Club, Sarkar also said that:

” Teachers have their own demands. But they should know about the movement and struggle of the Teachers of this state. So ideological movement should be the first”

” Teachers can promote and guide the student movements. Teachers played a very important role in various student movement in the history of Tripura and later these movement became mass movement. So teachers should know all these things”

TGTA published this book which is based on education and teachers movement of Tripura.

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