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If Don’t Have The Courage To Fight For The People Then Why Contest In Poll? Pradyot Hits CPIM

“How much the party cares about the workers, the by-elections proved it. If you don’t have the courage to fight for the people then why contest in the election and back down at the last minute to the hardship of the loyal party workers!” Pradyot Kishore Debbarman criticized CPIM without mentioning name . 

According to him complaining will do no good. Because, victory, fear and power must be kept in the mind. 

Reacting on the by polls results he writes in a message on social media that we faced rigging during the TTAADC elections. I was personally attacked in Mohanpur. But, Tipra Matha did not retreat. Result, we won the ADC election. 

He claimed that we were attacked when I was the state Congress president in 2019. We did not step back and evict the polling agents from the polling stations. As a result, Congress’ vote share rose from 1 percent to 27 percent.

He also added that last year Sudip Roy Burman won the by-election despite a lot of pressure. Even the Trinamool Congress fought hard and got a respectable margin in the Agartala municipal elections. So victory, fear and power must be kept in the mind. Because complaining won’t do any good. 

His sarcasm, giving up till the last over is bowled shows how much you care about workers and what has become of the party that has ruled Tripura for 25 years.

Targeting the CPIM without naming Pradyot, the question is, if a party does not have the courage to fight for the people, then why will it contest at the last minute and back down at the expense of its loyal workers?. Tipra Matha has withstood that pressure by speaking up for the rights of the people. 

Notably CPIM boycotted the counting of the by polls on Friday alleging massive raging on the voting day in Dhanpur and Boxanagar Assembly Constituencies.

However ruling BJP sweeps the contest winning both the seats with huge margin.

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