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If EC Fail, Retaliation Will Be There Against Terror Of BJP: Tripura CPIM

“If election commission fail to conduct free fare and fearless polls in Tripura than retaliation will be there against terror by the opposition alliance” this has been warned by CPIM.

Addressing a press conference on Wednesday CPIM West Tripura District Committee Secretary Ratan Das said:

“Even though formal complaints have been made to the Election Commission, Police Administration and District Administration, the terror is not stopping. So there is a need to draw people’s attention to this issue. Because BJP is doing these things knowing its defeat”

“BJP is not following any restrictions in the upcoming assembly elections. Although the attention of the Election Commission has been drawn and action has been taken in some cases, no action is being taken in most cases” 

“Miscreants ransacked the houses of CPI(M) activists and supporters in Narsinghgarh area overnight on Tuesday. Meanwhile, after renting a wedding house in Tilabari area of ​​Mohanpur area. More than 150 youths after finishing eating and drinking at night come out with bikes and are committing terror in different areas. Not only that, terror incidents are also being organized in front of the police station. Even they don’t allow to put up promotional decorations in Booth No. 10, Booth No. 11, Booth No. 12, Booth No. 39, Booth No. 40”

” Complaints are there against the MLA and Minister of Meanwhile, the Suryamani Nagar Assembly constituency.  Hostile terror is going on in the area. The party office of the opposition CPI(M) has been repeatedly attacked in this assembly. One-party rule has been established”

“Similarly in areas of 13 Pratapgarh assembly constituency Mahashakti, Vankumari, Adarsha ​​Colony, BJP is destroying campaign decorations in various areas including Netaji Colony. Advertising decorations cannot be put up in public. BJP miscreants gheraoed activist supporters while hoisting Left flags in Rajnagar area on Wednesday morning. Similarly, political terror is going on in Jirania assembly constituency”

“They are entering houses and organizing attacks in various ways including threats, beatings. And the BJP has set up party offices violating election rules. Not only that, on January 30, in Sukanta Palli area of Khayerpur assembly constituency, around 10:00 p.m. Again a case has been filed against the CPIM workers. Amulya Debnath a COIM activist was abducted and beaten up in Brahma Nagar area of ​​Majlishpur assembly constituency. This incident happened under direction of the minister of the area”. 

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