If Something Happens In One Part Of World, All Of Us Are At Risk: EAM Jaishankar

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar stressed the need for building more resilient supply chains in the world, adding that if something unusual happens in one part of the world, it should not affect the rest of the world.

“We think today that it is important for countries to build more reliable and resilient supply chains because what we experienced during Covid should not continue to happen” he said.

“It should not be that most of the manufacturing and most of the supplies are located in one part of the world, and if something happens in that part of the world, all of us are at risk,” he said.

Speaking at the Joint Secretary Session of the Senate’s External Affairs and Defence Commission, Rome, the External Affairs Minister added, “It’s important as market economies, as democratic societies, that we also cooperate among ourselves to build supply chains which are more predictable, which are more governed by rules, which are more stable, which are less political.”

Underscoring the significance of building a balanced production unit in the world, he said Italy and India are working together to overcome the “big challenge”.

“So I think how to re-globalise today, how to ensure that there are more centres of production, how to create new supply chains, additional supply chains, is a very big challenge, and it is certainly something which Italy and India should be working together” he said.

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