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If The By-Polls Are Fair, Then Ruling BJP Will Lose: Tripura Congress President

“BJP party has gone bankrupt. That’s why it is taking whoever wants into the party. As a result, the party’s dedicated functionaries are losing importance in the party. BJP workers are angry” Tripura State Congress president Ashish Kumar Saha attacked the BJP in this language in the Congress party’s work meeting in Dhanpur and Boxnagar assembly constituencies.

He held a meeting with Congress workers in Boxnagar and Dhanpur on Thursday. He took a dig at the ruling party in the assembly by-elections of the two centers and said that if the victory in the two centers is certain, then why required all party leaders and workers starting from the Chief Minister himself, the state BJP president to stay in Dhanpur every day.

He said that the Congress party did not field candidates in these two assembly constituencies due to the obligation of INDIA alliance. The three parties met together and decided. So that anti-BJP votes are not divided. That is why no candidate has been given in these two centres.

Regarding leaving Congress and joining BJP, of Billal Miah, Asish Saha said it was his personal decision. Regarding giving signboards to the Congress party in Sonamura, he said that a large number of Congress workers have gathered today by the initiative of the District Congress. Process of transporting voters to polling stations should be ensured. If the election is fair, then the ruling party will lose. The entire process will become easier only if voting rights can be exercised freely and peacefully. That is why there is no need for external campaigning of the Congress party.

The BJP party claims that they have brought a wave of development in the state. Bringing up this topic, the Congress president said, everyone knows how BJP returned to power. They lack confidence, that’s why trying to split the other parties. It is difficult for them to win the votes. Victory and defeat depend on free and fair elections. After coming to power, this party is attacking, looting and arson.

He said, it cannot be a part of any good governance. He commented that the ruling party has gone bankrupt in this state. The Tripura Pradsh Congress President addressed the meeting organized at the party’s district leader Habil Miah’s house in Kulubari, Boxnagar on Thursday.

He demanded the Election Commission to take necessary measures so that voters can vote freely. He stressed on resisting attempts to turn the election into a farce.

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