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IG BSF Inspects The Maitri Bridge

In a sudden visit BSF IG Sumit Sharan inspects the Maitri Bridge over the Feni River at Sabrum in South Tripura district on Monday.

Other BSF officials were present during the visit. Notabl the construction work of Maitri Bridge has been awaited for a long time. 

With the official launch of this bridge, the communication system between Tripura and Bangladesh will be improved and the spiritual ties between the people of both the countries will be further enhanced.

Although the construction of the Maitri Bridge has been completed, other infrastructure for transportation between Tripura and Bangladesh has not yet been completed. 

In the meantime, the work of developing these structures is progressing rapidly. The Indian Border Security Force has been deployed for security in the border areas.

The BSF has continued its efforts to prevent any disruption in the construction work. It is learned that this visit of the IG of BSF is to check all the issues.

The IG of BSF also indicated that this visit is very significant. As far as is known, the sooner the various infrastructure works are completed, the more efforts will be made to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. 

The visit of the BSF IG is said to be aimed at exploring the possibility of early resumption of travel between the two countries.

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