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Illegal Wood Saw Mills, Deforestation Destroying Baramura Hill

Due to the extreme indifference of the Forest Department Deforestation continues in Jirania sub-division area.

No action by forest department even as the forest bandits continue their trade by cutting down large trees of Baramura hill.

Allegedly, as forests are being destroyed indiscriminately every day animals are coming to the locality due to lack of food.

It is alleged that the log-laden vehicle is running in various places from the door of Champaknagar Forest Protection Unit and Mandai Forest Protection Unit and Khumulwng Forest Office.

Illegal saw mills are growing by leaps and bounds. But illegal timber and trees log-laden vehicles are being seized allegedly just for show.

There is no action against illegal saw mills.

The game of forest destruction is going on with the help of some dishonest employees of forest department.

CC cameras are installed at the forest gate in theChampaknagar Chandra Sadhu para.

When log-laden vehicle pass on this road at that time, a group of employees help the forest bandits by turning off the CC cameras for money.

Some of the forest workers are getting their wages. On the other hand, illegal gatherings are being built everywhere

All these forest bandits even though they are smuggling wood by setting up illegal saw mills

there is no raid against them.

At least 50 illegal saw mills are there in the sub-divisional area.

Logging and illegal timber trucks are allegedly running by road in broad daylight .

On the other hand there is no number plate of the vehicles carrying illegal timber and tree logs.

Even if the vehicles without number plate are running on the road, there is no action against them.

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