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Implementation Of Plan Is Crucial For Result: PM On Civil Service Day

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday addressed IAS officers on the 16th Civil Services Day. 

He said, ‘The political party that has come to power, keep in mind whether it is using taxpayers’ money for its party or for the interest of the country. You have to see this. The bureaucracy which Sardar Patel used to call Steel Frame of India has to be completed, if the bureaucracy fails, the country’s wealth will be looted.

The PM gave a speech for 33 minutes at Delhi’s Vigyan Bhawan. 

He said, ‘The country has put a lot of trust in you. You have been given a chance. Work on maintaining that trust. The basis of your decisions in your service should be only and only the interest of the country.

“Earlier it was thought that the government will do everything, but now the thinking is that the government will do it for everyone. Now the government is making efficient use of time and resources. The aim of today’s government is country and citizens first. And there is priority – priority to the underprivileged” Said PM

“It was due to the previous system that more than 4 crore fake gas connections, fake ration cards were made. The Ministry of Minority Affairs was giving the benefit of scholarship to 30 lakh fake youths” he said.

PM also said

Today, due to the efforts of all of us, the system has changed and about 3 lakh crore rupees of the country have been saved from going into wrong hands. Today this money is being useful to the poor, making their lives easier.

Today the challenge is not how efficient you are, the challenge is in deciding how to overcome the shortcomings.

No matter how great our plans, no matter how good they look on paper, it is the implementation of the plans is crucial. If it is not sure, we will not get the expected result.

Those officers who came in this service 15-25 years ago played a big role in bringing the country to the golden age of independence. 

And now the role of those youths who are going to be in this service for the next 15-25 years is the biggest.

748 districts had sent 2520 nominations for the PM Awards
748 districts participated in the Civil Service Day Awards celebrated on 21st April every year. 2520 nominations were received for this. 

Meanwhile, Mission Youth of Jammu and Kashmir and State Organ and Tissue Transplant Organization (SOTTO) of Gujarat won the award under Innovation (State) category.

National Civil Service Day is being celebrated since 1947.
Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, the first Home Minister of independent India, addressed the Probationers Officers of Administrative Service at Metcalf House, Delhi on 21 April 1947. 

In his speech, Patel described civil servants as the ‘Steel Frame of India’. Since then, National Civil Service Day is celebrated every year on 21 April

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