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Important Decisions Taken On The First Day Of G-20 Summit

Many big decisions has been taken on the first day of the G20 conference being held in Delhi. 

While India was successful in adopting the Delhi Declaration on the first day, the African Union has been also given permanent membership of G20 on the very first day on Saturday. 

Let us know which five major decisions were taken on the first day of this conference.

Just a few hours after the beginning of the G20 conference, all the countries took a major decision. 

Under this, it was decided to make African Union a permanent member of G20. 

After this decision it was said that this is an effort to connect developing countries with the mainstream. 

An extensive rail and shipping connectivity network is announced linking the US, India, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf and Arab countries and the European Union. 

After the consent of China and Russia, the Delhi Declaration is passed with everyone’s consent. 

PM Modi said that 100 percent consensus has been reached regarding this manifesto. 

PM Modi announced the launch of a Global Biofuel Alliance to promote the use of clean fuels. 

It has been confirmed that the alliance will accelerate global efforts to meet the net zero emissions target by facilitating trade in biofuels derived from different sources, including plant and animal waste.

During the conference, the situation of mistrust existing between countries in the world after Corona is also discussed. 

All the countries decided that this mistrust would be removed through greater cooperation among the G20 member countries. 

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