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Improve The Medical Services Of Tepania District Hospital: Residents Of Udaipur Submits Memorandum To CM

A memorandum has been submitted by the people of Udaipur to the Chief Minister who is also the Health Minister of Tripura to take necessary steps to improve the medical services.

A letter has been sent to the Chief Minister of the state requesting to open an unit of Pediatric and Gynecology unit and cancer hospital.

While describing the letter signed by ten people, Srivas Das, Manik Biswas, Nikhil Das, on behalf of the residents of the sub-division, said that at present, patients from various sub-divisions of South, Gomati, Sipahijala districts come to Gomati District Hospital for treatment at Tepania District Hospital in Udaipur Subdivision. 

As a result, the number of patients in this hospital is so high that the patients have to face problems due to the lack of doctors and space is not available.

Cleanliness is not proper. But Udaipur subdivisional hospital is much cleaner. 

A letter has been sent on behalf of the people of Udaipur requesting the chief minister to start one/two units specially pediatric and gynecology unit and to open a cancer hospital unit like chemo therapy, radiation and diagnosis center in Udaipur divisional hospital.

Copies of the letter have been given to state minister Pranjit Singh Roy, Rampada Jamatia, MLA Biplab Kumar Ghosh, State Jealth Secretary and Health Director. 

Residents hope that the government will consider their request and take necessary steps.

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