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INDIA Alliance To Resolve Seat-Sharing Issue Within A Month

The coordination committee of the opposition alliance ‘Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance’ (India) has decided to start the process of seat sharing soon for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections, but in some states it is being considered easy, while in many states it is considered difficult.

Coordination of seats among the constituent parties of the alliance is not easy. The coordination and election strategy committee of ‘INDIA’ has soon approved the coordination of seats, but the coordination between the opposition parties in some states is considered challenging by the alliance parties themselves. 

According to the sources, ‘INDIA’ parties will not face much difficulty in Bihar, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra, but it will not be easy to coordinate seats in Punjab, Delhi, West Bengal and UP.

There will be a tussle of seats between Congress and Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab and Delhi, between Trinamool Congress, Congress and CPM in Bengal and between ‘INDIA’ parties in Hariyana and Gujarat. 

However, the leaders of the alliance believe that it will be difficult, but the solution will be found easily. RJD MP Manoj Jha said, “If there was no challenge, we would not have been one party, we are different parties. There are challenges, but there is determination to overcome these challenges. Seat sharing is not easy even within a single political party. The condition of BJP is bad in Madhya Pradesh. Everything will be good in ‘INDIA’.”

In fact, the first meeting of the committee regarding ‘INDIA’ was held in Delhi on 13 September, in which the decision on seat sharing was taken as soon as possible in all the states. 

Sources said that seat sharing will be decided by the end of October. Seats are to be distributed among the parties of the ‘India’ alliance by the end of October. In such a situation, there will not be any special problem in some states, but there is a lot of challenge in many states.

More than two dozen opposition parties have formed ‘India’ to counter the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) in the next Lok Sabha elections. In the recent meeting of the leaders of the constituent parties of ‘India’ in Mumbai, a 14-member coordination committee was formed to prepare the outline of the future programs of the alliance. 

The coordination committee will act as the top decision-making body of the opposition alliance.

In the first meeting of the opposition group in Patna in June this year, it was decided that the strongest candidate would be selected from each seat for the Lok Sabha elections. 

In the resolution issued on September 1 after the third meeting of the opposition alliance held in Mumbai, it was said that the parties will fight the elections unitedly ‘as far as possible’ and the work of distribution of seats in various states will start immediately and be completed as soon as possible.

According to the opposition leaders, while the issue of seat coordination has been resolved in states like Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Bihar, coordination of seats in some states like Delhi, Punjab and West Bengal is a big challenge.

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