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‘INDIA’ Alliance Wants To Destroy Sanatan Dharma: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday that the ‘Ghamandiya’ alliance of the opposition (Opposition Alliance ‘INDIA’) wants to destroy Sanatan Dharma.

He said that this arrogant alliance, along with formulating its policy and strategy in its recent Mumbai meeting, has also decided on its hidden agenda to destroy Sanatan Dharma.

Addressing the program after laying the foundation stone of projects worth Rs 50,800 crore in Bina in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, the Prime Minister said, “Today the countrymen are proud of the success of the G20. The credit for the success of G20 does not go to Modi, it goes to all of you. This is proof of India’s collective strength.

He said, “Foreign guests who came from all over the world to participate in this conference were saying that they had never seen such an event before. He was greatly impressed by the heritage and prosperity of India. G20 meetings were also held in Bhopal, Indore and Khajuraho of Madhya Pradesh, those who attended those meetings are singing your praises”

Taking a dig at the opposition alliance ‘ (‘Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance’), Modi said, “On the other hand, there are some parties which are trying to divide the country and society. Together they have formed an ‘India Alliance’, which some people also call ‘arrogant alliance’. Their leader is not decided, there is confusion over leadership. But in its Mumbai meeting it has made the policy and strategy of how this arrogant alliance will work. It has also decided on a hidden agenda of it own.

He said, “The policy and strategy of this arrogant alliance is to attack the culture of India. The decision of this Indi-Alliance is to attack the faith of Indians. The intention of this arrogant alliance is to destroy the ideas and values ​​that have united India for thousands of years”.

Modi said, “The policy of this arrogant alliance is to destroy Sanatan.”

He said, “These arrogant alliance partners have come with a resolution to end the Sanatan rituals and traditions. The Sanatan whom Gandhiji believed in throughout his life, the Sanatan who inspired him to launch a movement against untouchability. These arrogant coalition people want to end that eternal tradition”.

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