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INDIA Bloc Announces 14-Member Coordination Committee

On the second day of the third meeting of the Indian National Development Alliance (INDIA) in Mumbai, a press conference was held at 3.30 pm on September 1. 

In this, Uddhav Thackeray said that we will hold a coalition rally across the country. The theme ‘Jangega Bharat, Jeetega India’ has been decided. Coordination committee has been formed.

Uddhav also said that we all have decided that in the coming elections we will fight against dictatorship-jumlebaaz. We had heard – Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas. After winning the election, friends got kicked and their development happened. There is panic among the opponents due to our unity. We will fight against friend familism. Don’t be afraid, we are going to make a fear free India. After all, why has the government suddenly called a special session of Parliament?

who said what?

Mallikarjun Kharge (Congress President)

Everyone’s aim is the same that what will Modi do for inflation, what will he do for unemployment. Petrol-diesel prices are increasing. Modi ji increases 100 rupees and reduces 2 rupees. LPG prices have doubled, but they reduced it by Rs 200.

To reduce 200 rupees to show people and say that I work for the poor. Modi ji will never work for the poor. They go hand in hand with big industrialists.

Only yesterday Rahul Gandhi had put out a report on how Adani’s wealth increased.

Be it CBI or ED, every autonomous body is being misused, this has never happened before.

To fight against this, it is necessary for India to win. We all are sitting on this platform only to make India win.

We will go to every state capital and hold meetings.

Modi ji tells lies, but people consider him to be the truth. We have to expose this.

Nitish Kumar (Chief Minister of Bihar)

  • Once you get freedom from him (PM Narendra Modi), then you press people will be free, then you will write whatever you want.
  • Nowadays it is seen that he is not doing any work but his praise is being published.
  • They want to change the history of the country, we will not let them change the history.
  • Will uplift everyone, will not allow discrimination against anyone. Everyone has to move forward.
  • Know that they can conduct elections anytime. We have also discussed this. Preparations have also started.

Arvind Kejriwal (Chief Minister of Delhi)

This India Alliance is not an alliance of a few 26-27 parties. This is an alliance of 140 crore people of the country.

The Modi government in the country is a very corrupt and arrogant government.

We are reading that it is being published in foreign newspapers. A man (Gautam Adani) is taking money abroad and PM Modi is helping him.

The whole government is engaged in working for one man. These people (Modi government) have started considering themselves bigger than God.

Seeing the power of India Alliance, now these people will fight with each other. Every day there will be news that this has happened in our place, that has happened. I am saying with responsibility that we are doing very well here. No one has come here for any post.

Everyone has stepped forward and taken responsibility. Some have taken the responsibility of seat sharing, some media management, some social media.

Lalu Prasad Yadav (former Chief Minister of Bihar)

I am very happy that we leaders of different parties of this country were sitting separately. We were not one. The country had to bear the brunt of it and Modi took advantage of it.

By continuously fighting the battle, we have come to a point where we have all reached a conclusion and a pattern has been formed.

From the beginning, we have been fighting this battle to remove the BJP and save the country. Minorities are not safe in the country.

Inflation and unemployment are increasing. Okra has become Rs 60 per kg, how expensive has tomato become?

You all will remember that these people came to power by telling so many lies.

My name was also there at that time, and the name of the leaders of the country was publicized that the money of these people is in Swiss bank and we will bring this money and 15-15 lakh will come in the account of every citizen of the country. We also got the account opened on the pretext. We husband-wife, children together become 11, now multiply it by 15. Not a single penny came. It was all these people’s money.

We have got so many operations done that there is no trust. It is with the blessings of all of you that we are alive and my courage is very strong even further.

We are appealing to the scientists of ISRO and the scientists of the country to send them to Surya Lok instead of Chandralok.

I salute the journalist brothers, we will fight this fight unitedly and by putting everyone forward, there will be seat sharing.

We have resolved that we will die only by removing Modi ji.

1 CM, one deputy CM, two former chief ministers in the 14-member committee

1 CM, 1 Deputy CM, two former Chief Ministers, 5 Rajya Sabha and 2 Lok Sabha MPs have been given place in the opposition committee. Apart from this, two leaders from the Left have been included in the committee. Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren (JMM), Bihar Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav (RJD) are in the committee. Two former chief ministers from Jammu and Kashmir – Omar Abdullah (NC) and Mehbooba Mufti (PDP). Five Rajya Sabha MPs – KC Venugopal (Congress), Sanjay Raut (Shiv Sena UBT), Sharad Pawar (NCP), Raghav Chadha (AAP) and Javed Ali Khan (SP). Two Lok Sabha MPs- Lalan Singh (JDU), Abhishek Banerjee (TMC). One member from D Raja (CPI) and one member from CPI (M) have been included. The name of the CPI(M) member has not been announced.

Logo not launched

The logo of the alliance could not be agreed upon. Hence it was not launched in the third meeting. Six logo designs were shortlisted, one of which was liked by all, but some changes are yet to be made in it. The decision on this will be taken in the next meeting.

This meeting took place at Hotel Grand Hyatt. In the meeting, President of the main opposition party Congress, Mallikarjun Kharge said that as India becomes stronger, raids and arrests on its members will also increase. Leaders of 28 parties had attended the first day of the meeting on August 31. They had said that they have come together to save the country and the Constitution.

2 CMs, one Deputy CM in the committee
Two Chief Ministers have got a place in the 13-member committee of the opposition alliance. These include Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin and Jharkhand CM Hemant Soren. One included Deputy CM Tejashwi Yadav. Two former chief ministers – Omar Abdullah (NC) and Mehbooba Mufti (PDP) have been kept. The five Rajya Sabha MPs are KC Venugopal (Congress), Sanjay Raut (Shiv Sena UBT), Sharad Pawar (NCP), Raghav Chadha (AAP) and Javed Ali Khan (SP). Apart from this, two Lok Sabha MPs Lalan Singh (JDU), Abhishek Banerjee (TMC) have also been made members. D Raja (CPI) is a member who is neither in the Lok Sabha nor in the Rajya Sabha.

Resolution passed in third meeting of INDIA

We the members of INDIA pledge to fight the Lok Sabha elections together as far as possible.

The seat-sharing system in the states will start immediately and will be ended soon in a give-and-take spirit.

We the members of INDIA resolve to take out public rallies across the country on issues of public importance.

We the members of INDIA resolve to coordinate our strategies and campaigns in multiple languages ​​with the theme ‘Joedega India, Jeetega India’.

These parties are part of INDIA
in coalition Congress, TMC, DMK, AAP, JDU, RJD, JMM, NCP (Sharad faction), Shiv Sena (Uddhav faction), SP, NC, PDP, CPM, CPI, RLD, MDMK, KMDK, VCK, RSP, CPI-ML (Liberation), Forward Bloc, IUML, Kerala Congress (Joseph), Kerala Congress (Mani), Apna Dal (Camerawadi) and MMK.

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