Amid tensed situation between India and China Tripura is going to be a factor. How? Tripura is going to be a factor for central government as Bangladesh shares its borders with a large portion of tripura. As china has started to woo our closest allies and neighbours with its economic prowess during current tension with india, central government also become pro-active in this sector. After Nepal and Srilanka China is showering towards Bangladesh, and its huge investments in the country, India seems to have enough reasons to wary for that. Here Comes the key factor. The access from Tripura to the strategically located international sea port in Bangladesh’s Chittagong (officially Chattogram) is one of the most important factors that attracts investments here and spurs growth. The Central government has recently given its nod to set up a multi-sector special economic zone at Paschim Jalefa, South Tripura, given its proximity to the Chittagong port, at a cost of around ₹1550 crore. The vision to come up with a SEZ in Tripura is primarily to boost up manufacturing in the north-eastern States. Although according to the political analysts, the key to the success of this multi-sector SEZ will be hugely dependent upon the relationship Bangladesh shares with India, with respect to China. Regarding the CAA and the NRC legislations have complicated the bilateral relationship between India and Bangladesh. On the other hand India played a vital role in Bangladesh’s freedom and with the Sheikh Hasina regime in power. These are also the factors. But it’s also a factor that in international diplomacy, “There is some self-interest behind every friendship”. 

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