India: Making Law Without Scrutiny…

obviously in india law making ‘machine’ is Parliament. Also the ‘MECCA’ of democracy. The responsibility for making laws rests with the people’s representatives in Parliament. This responsibility has two elements. The first is the careful scrutiny of the law to determine whether the government’s proposal addresses a particular problem or not and simultaneously ensure that in the process of fixing one problem, it doesn’t create another. The second element is debate on the floor of Parliament, both on merit and ideology. Both these elements complement each other. The sharp debate on the floor of Parliament cannot replace the careful analysis done by Parliamentary Committees, which act as a bridge between Parliament and people. But the mockery of these two elements did not occur for the first time in the Rajya Sabha. In the current Lok Sabha, 17 Bills have been referred to Parliamentary Committees. But, this year, no govt Bill has been sent for scrutiny. Asking for votes to be recorded is a right of every Member of Parliament (MP). It accomplishes two things. First, it allows MPs to record their stand publicly on a particular issue. Second, it tests the numbers of the ruling and the Opposition alliance on the floor of the House. Isn’t it the bypass of scrutiny of the law?

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