India Rejects UN Experts’ Statement On Manipur

The Central Government has rejected the statements of United Nations (UN) experts regarding Manipur. 

India said that there is complete peace in Manipur. The statements of UN experts are completely wrong and inflammatory.

Actually, UN experts had expressed concern about Manipur. They said that sexual violence, demolition of houses, torture in the north-eastern state is a violation of human rights. 

Special Procedure Mandate Holders (SPMH) had released a news in this matter. Its name is, ‘India: UN Experts Alarmed by Continuing Abuses in Manipur’.

On the other hand, the Editors Guild has reacted to the case of Manipur Government filing FIR against their members. 

The institute issued a letter saying – We are troubled by this action of the state government. We are shocked by the intimidating statements of State CM Shri N Biren Singh. It is disturbing for the Chief Minister to call the journalist organization anti-national. We urge the state government to withdraw the FIR.

The Editors Guild said that many people had written to us, both from the people and from the army, that the media was behaving in a biased manner in the matter. After this we sent a team of three people to the ground. The team visited Manipur and spoke to journalists, social workers, tribals, women, security forces and victims. On the basis of which the report was released on 2nd September. We had mistakenly written the caption of a photo, for which we also apologized.

How did the government react to the UN report?

The High Commissioner for Human Rights, Special Procedures Branch, issued a note verbale on Monday 4 September. He said- The situation in Manipur is peaceful. The government is taking necessary steps to create peace in Manipur. The government is doing everything to protect human rights.

India’s Permanent Mission rejected the press release of UN experts and called it wrong and inflammatory. The mission told the UN office in Geneva and other organizations that the experts’ statements showed that they lacked information about the efforts of the Indian government.

The UN office had issued a joint communication on Manipur violence on 29 August 2023 for the Government of India. Permanent Mission said- We are sad and surprised that after joint communication, SPMH did not even give 60 days time to the Government of India to respond. He has already issued this press release.

Mission advised SPMH to give reports based on facts in future and not write such things which have nothing to do with the council. 

The mission also advised to wait till the government gives its inputs before releasing the report. 

The mission said- India is a democratic country. Our law and government are there to protect the people. India’s law and security forces do not discriminate in any way.

Women and girls targeted in violence – UN experts

In the press release, UN experts said – Photos and reports of Manipur violence show that women and girls were targeted in the violence. In these, the women of the Kuki caste have been specially targeted. The Manipur violence included acts of gang rape, women marching naked on the streets, beatings, and burning people alive.

Experts said- The fight between Hindu Meitei and Christian Kuki communities of May 2023 shows that there is a lack of humanity in Manipur.

More than 160 deaths so far in Manipur violence
More than 160 people have died so far in Manipur violence, including 59 people between May 3-5, 28 people between May 27 and 29 and 9 people killed on June 13. There was no violence from 16th July to 27th July.

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