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India Supports UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements In Palestine

The war between Israel and Hamas has been going on for the last 37 days. Meanwhile, a proposal has been brought in the UN on which India has voted.

This resolution has been brought against the establishment of Israeli settlements in Palestinian areas. India has voted in support of this proposal.

The war between Hamas and Palestine has been going on for the last 37 days. During this period, many proposals were brought in the UN, but India maintained distance from all of them.

Hamas attacked Israel on 7 October. India had condemned it. Along with this, India advocates providing humanitarian aid to Gaza.

India has voted against Israeli settlements for the first time. 145 countries voted on the proposal. 18 countries were not present at the time of voting.

The title of the resolution presented in the UN was “Israeli settlements in the Palestinian territories, Jerusalem and the occupied Syrian Goa”. This proposal passed unanimously. This means that there will be no Israeli settlements in Palestinian areas.

The TMC leader has praised India for voting in support of this proposal. He said that it is not right to establish Israeli settlements illegally in Palestinian areas.

Earlier, Jordan had presented a proposal against Israel. India had distanced itself from it. In this proposal, Jordan had said that Hamas is not a terrorist group, therefore Israel should stop attacks on Gaza. 120 countries voted in support of this proposal. 14 countries had voted against it. Apart from this, 45 countries had distanced themselves from it. 

What is the whole matter?

Keep in mind that on October 7, Hamas attacked Israel. 1400 people were killed in this attack. After this, Israel is continuously attacking Gaza. More than 11 thousand people have been killed so far in Gaza. More than 4 thousand children have died in this.

Many countries have announced ceasefire. But the Israeli PM is not agreeing to the ceasefire. He says that he is completely eliminating Hamas.

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