India- The ‘Lower Middle Income Country’

Now officially no country is called underdeveloped. Instead, these countries are called developing (developing) or least developed (least developed or LDC). 

But by whatever name they are called, countries are characterized by the appearance of poverty and level of economic development.

Countries where poverty is chronic and economic development has not been significant are labeled as ‘developing’ rather than ‘poor’ outright. 

Unfortunately, as the United Nations, The number of LDC countries is 46. It includes most of the South Asian region. 

The World Bank identifies these countries as low-income countries. The total population of these countries is more than 88 crore or 12 percent of the world population. 

Some time ago India was also placed in this lowest rank. After 75 years of independence, India has managed to rise to the top of the World Bank’s scale. 

Our current identity in the international arena is ‘Lower Middle Income Country’. 

In 2020, the average per capita income of an Indian was US$ 1,935. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) estimates that the average income of an Indian will rise to $3,769 in 2027. According to this trend, the World Bank and the IMF expect the average income of an Indian to exceed $4,000 within the next decade. India will be recognized as a ‘middle income country’ only if it reaches that height. 

Good thing, we are now in the lower middle income category. A step further in a decade. Only one step left to become a ‘developed’ country. Then our name will be pronounced with countries like USA, Britain, Germany, France, Australia, Singapore, Japan etc. 

And here is the question, Is this what our inner face actually looks like? no How many millions of lower middle income people in India still cry because of hunger? How many women and children suffer from malnutrition? How many people are unemployed? How many people are tired of looking for a job and have given up hope of a job? What is the number of school dropouts and child laborers? How many people are still illiterate? What is the number of people deprived of primary treatment? 

Neither the Center nor the State Governments will give an impartial information of it. Just only for ashamed? No In fact, the fear of political rat race works here.

However, it was not meant to be. Because the sheer size of the state and the beautiful nature, weather and abundance of natural resources we have is truly unparalleled. 

If these were taken advantage of in the policy of transparency, India would not have had to struggle to reach the level of a ‘middle income country’, it would have achieved the status of a ‘developed’ country much earlier. 

Queen India became the envy of the whole world. Before long the ‘advanced’ country would have achieved the glory. 


But that did not happen, the main reason is discrimination. When the topic of inequality comes up, the main issue is confused by presenting a picture of mere financial inequality. This disorder is rooted in religion, caste, language and regional discrimination. 

And the ‘common’ within each of these hierarchical inequalities is sexism. One success story is enough to understand the extent of gender inequality in India. 

Nagaland got two women legislators for the first time in the recently held state assembly polls! Not only in Nagaland, but in many other states, the picture of women’s representation is very poor. The Lok Sabha, the Rajya Sabha, the Union Cabinet, the list of Chief Ministers of various states—nowhere is there good news for the caste of the mother. 

Top posts of various political parties, government jobs, judiciary, diplomatic posts, police,  army everywhere is the prevalence of discrimination. 

International Women’s Day is celebrated worldwide on March 8 every year for a long time. The one and only declared objective of this celebration is to create a society without discrimination by including girls of all ages equally in development. India also joined it with a bang. 

But the reality shows that it is all a show. India has to be sincere if it wants to see itself as truly ‘advanced’, there is no alternative.

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