India Welcomes New Year 2023

The wait for the new year is ends. The year 2022 become thing of the past. As soon as all the three hands of the clock touched 12 on the night of 31 December, we entered in the new year. 

After this, the celebration of New Year start all over the world including india.

Thousands of people gathered before India Gate to welcome new year 2023. According to the report whole night party is on in maximum cities of the country.

The interesting thing is that in every country of the world, the new year starts at a gap of some time. 

When India welcoming the new year. By then many countries of the world would have celebrated the new year. Let us tell you in which country the new year is celebrated first and last.

First of all New Year is celebrated in Oceania. New Year is first celebrated in the countries of Tonga, Samoa and Kiribati. 

The first day begins in Tonga. Apparently the New Year celebration is also being celebrated here first. 

According to Indian time, the new year has started in Samoa and Christmas Island / Kiribati at 3:30 pm on December 31.

When it comes to Asia, Japan and South Korea celebrate New Year first. Japan and South Korea started celebrating the new year at 8:30 pm on December 31 according to Indian time. 

According to Indian time, the New Year begins at 5:35 pm on January 1 at the end of the US Minor Outlying Island. 

The first morning in India is in Arunachal Pradesh. Sun’s rays first come in Dong Valley in Arunachal.

Now tell you where and when the new year started. New Year was celebrated in Babylon 4000 years ago. But then New Year was celebrated not on January 1 but on March 21. 

It was celebrated to welcome the spring season. The celebration of New Year on January 1 was celebrated for the first time on October 15, 1582. It was started by the Roman ruler Julius Caesar. 

In Denmark, people start the New Year’s celebration by breaking the plate. In Vincennes people celebrate the new year by throwing watermelons from a height. 

In Spain, New Year is celebrated by eating grapes. For years, people in Romania have been wearing bear costumes for the New Year. 

In countries like Japan and South Korea, the practice of ringing bells has been going on for centuries. 

At the same time, in some parts of South Africa, people throw old things out of the house on New Year.

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