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Indian Army Woman Officer Deployed At Highest Battleground, Siachen

Today women are walking shoulder to shoulder with men in every field. Women are also dominating in the field of defence. 

The daughters of the country are not backing down even from protecting the borders. 

Today we are introducing you to one such steely daughter of the country whose example will be given to the generations to come. 

Let us tell you that ‘Fire and Fury Corps’ officer Captain Shiva Chauhan has become the first woman officer to be actively deployed at Kumar Post on the highest battlefield, Siachen Glacier. 

This was informed by tweeting from the official account of the Fire and Fury Corps of the Indian Army. 

It has been written that Captain Shiva Chauhan of Fire and Fury Sappers has become the first woman officer to be actively deployed at Kumar Post, the world’s highest battlefield. 

Shiva’s might is being celebrated in the army as well. Because she has really done something different. 

It hasn’t been easy for Shiva to reach Kumar’s post. She had to go through rigorous training before his posting. 

Let us tell you that Siachen Glacier is the highest battlefield on earth, where there has been intermittent fighting between India and Pakistan since 1984. 

However, now many Indians are showing their strength by reaching this field. In September 2021, a team of 8 disabled people set a world record when they reached Kumar Post, situated at an altitude of 15,632 feet on the Siachen Glacier. 

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