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Indian Pharmacist Association, Tripura Branch Warns About Illegal Business Of Pharmacist Course

Many youths are being brought in illegally in the name of pharmacists. Although they are not students of the science department, they are being taught pharmacy in a crooked way through their distance education.

They have been doing such business for millions of rupees. The Drugs Control Board is aware of this. This was alleged by Amit Saha, joint secretary of the state branch of the Indian Pharmacists Association, at a press conference at the Agartala Press Club on Thursday.

He said that the minimum qualification required for registration as a registered pharmacist by the Pharmacy Council is the Diploma in Pharmacy. The Diploma in Pharmacy is a regular two-year, three-month course.

The minimum qualification for admission to the diploma course is to pass the Higher Secondary Examination in Physics, Chemistry and Life Sciences or Mathematics.

In order to get pharmacy registration, one must pass the Diploma in Pharmacy course from a PCI approved institute and pass the Pharmacy Exit Examination. But the companies doing business illegally are not following any such rules and regulations.

Even recently, after the release of the results of the Twelfth Examination, some illegal government unauthorized agencies in the state are trying to trap students and parents.

The State Branch of Indian Pharmacist Registration intends to tell students and parents not to fall into the trap of such fraud. Because many students may have to risk their future by such fake companies.

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