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Inexcusable Crimes Committed Against Women: PM On Manipur Issue

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the Manipur violence while replying to the discussion on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha on Thursday. 

PM Modi said, “Both the state and central governments are making every effort to ensure that the accused get the harshest punishment. I want to assure the people that peace will be restored in Manipur in the coming time. The sun of peace will definitely rise in Manipur.”

The Prime Minister said in the Lok Sabha, “I would like to tell the people of Manipur, mothers, brothers and sisters that the country is with you. This house is with you. Together we will find a solution to this challenge. Manipur will move forward on the path of development.” 

On the violence in Manipur, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the Lok Sabha, ‘The court’s decision has come in Manipur, now the situation in its favor and opposition has led to the period of violence. Serious crimes are committed against women and this crime is inexcusable and the central and state governments are trying to get the culprits punished severely. The way the efforts are going, the sun of peace will definitely rise in the near future.

The Prime Minister said that there was only talk of discussion on Manipur, the Home Minister had said in a letter, but the intention of the opposition was not to discuss. 

The Home Minister had explained in detail the situation in Manipur. But the opposition has nothing to do except politics.

PM Modi said, ‘This is not an india alliance, it is an arrogant alliance. Everyone wants to be the bridegroom in his procession. Everyone wants to become PM. This alliance didn’t even think that what kind of connection you have with whom in which state. 

The Prime Minister said, ‘This arrogant alliance is a guarantee of double digit inflation, corruption, policy paralysis, instability, appeasement, dynasty, unemployment, violence and terrorism. It is Modi’s guarantee that in my third term, India will be one of the top three economies of the world.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said, ‘It is true that Hanuman did not burn Lanka, his (Ravana’s) arrogance did. The public is also like Lord Ram and that is why you have come down from 400 to 40. The public elected the government with full majority twice but you are feeling troubled that how a poor man is sitting here and it is not letting you sleep and the people of the country here will not let you sleep even in 2024. There was a time when cakes were cut in airplanes on birthdays, but today vaccines are being sent to the poor in the same airplanes.

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